Shoppin’ Fun Barbie & Kelly

Shoppin’ Fun Barbie & Kelly Kelly takes her favourite cookies and cereal right off the shelf! With the magic of magnets, she can really hold them in her hand! Barbie and her baby sister Kelly have so much fun shopping together   Kelly doll

Stacie bowling Party Barbie Doll

Stacie bowling Party Barbie Doll Bowling is so much fun! Stacie and her friends Janet and Whitney are having a bowling Party!   Includes everything you need to really bowl!   Cool inflatable bowling lane Colour bowling ball and pins Your own pencil and

(1982) Tracy & Todd doll married

(1982) Tracy & Todd doll married   Here comes the bride, the groom, and terrific new sales! Barbie and ken dolls have two new friends dressed for the most romantic day of the year, their wedding day! And Tracy Barbie dolls dark haired friend,

Awesome Skateboard Barbie Mattel

Awesome Skateboard Barbie Mattel   Stacie is one of Barbie’s younger sisters. Stacie has light brown hair and green eyes. She is a preteen and the most athletic of the Roberts. Her favorite sport is soccer Her best friends are Whitney and Janet  

1987 Skating Star Barbie

  1987 Skating Star Barbie 1987 Skating Star Barbie   I have always wanted this Barbie doll she is so cool and her outfit is so cute I just love Barbie dolls so much she has on a white bodysuit with a white belt