Maiko Barbie Doll Mutya Barbie Doll

Maiko Barbie Doll Mutya Barbie Doll   Mattel Description: She wears a long gown under a sheer overdress printed with a tribal motif and a sun icon from the Philippine flag. Further embellished with an embroidered floral design of the Philippines’ national flower, the sampaguita,

Hello Kitty Barbie My Melody Barbie

Hello Kitty Barbie My Melody Barbie   Adorable and sweet, My Melody lives in the wonderful world of Sanrio, where fashion and fun go hand-in-hand. For fans of this lovely little bunny, it’s important to be stylish and cute for every occasion! Polka dots

Generations Of Dreams Barbie Doll

Generations Of Dreams Barbie Doll   50 years of trends and fashion, couture and dreams for the girl in all of us, and for the woman we grow up to be! Barbie doll remains always stylish, always evolving, always reflecting the beauty that is

Barbie and the Rockers Reunion Tour Barbie

Barbie and the Rockers Reunion Tour Barbie   Inspired by 1985’s Barbie and the Rockers™, doll artists Nik Moronese and Marie LeBreton, known as NiniMomo, created this doll exclusively for attendees of the 2010 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention. With a bold and kicky

Barbie Basics Collection Swimsuit

Barbie Basics Collection Swimsuit   The Barbie Basics is a line of collector’s edition Barbie dolls. They were created by Mattel designer Bill Greening and were introduced in late 2009 to be officially released in the spring of 2010. From their name, the dolls

City Shine Barbie Dolls

City Shine Barbie Dolls Barbie® doll always has “The Look” to light up any room! The Barbie Look® City Shine™ doll goes for the glow with gorgeous golden brown hair and a beautiful sparkly golden one-shoulder dress. Dressed to dazzle, her chic accessories include

Stardoll by Barbie

Stardoll by Barbie   The “Stardoll® by Barbie®” collection will feature eight new fashion dolls, based on four of the most popular virtual Stardoll®stores in Starplaza. Inspired by Stardoll® avatars, “Stardoll® by Barbie®” dolls come packaged mirroring signature avatar poses. Each doll features amazing

Hollywood Hair Barbie [1992]

Hollywood Hair Barbie [1992]   BE A STARMAKER!   Make stars magically appear in their hair! Make one star appear or several. Cover their hair with stars! Spray the girls’ hair pink. Or try streaks! It’s up to you. They’re sooooo Hollywood! They’re Hollywood