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Barbie Los Angeles Dodgers (1999)

Barbie Los Angeles Dodgers (1999) Limited Edition version was wearing a Dodgers uniform on Stadium jumper, Cap. Chides look opposite to that of the new one with the girly image of the Barbie doll. Precise and coloring the very best finish mine. In the with box, ideal as collection. It is currently available has become

Barbie aviator (2001)

  Barbie aviator (2001) In her flightsuit and jacket. Shades on Helmet Flip Down! (with lever), MiniMap & Poster Inside! Bend -And- Move Body For Real Action Poses According to the box, Barbie is a top graduate of military flight school and she comes with a flightsuit, jacket, flight helmet, and gear.

1990 Home Pretty Barbie

1990 Home Pretty Barbie   Home Pretty Barbie 1990 Mattel ¬†Blonde Hair ~ Blue Eyes, Silver Earrings & Matching Ring Outfit Changes For Every Room, Bodysuit With Rosettes Short Full Skirt, Apron, Bed Jacket, Shoes and Hair Brush.  

Barbie Glam N Groom Pets Barbie , christi , teresa

Barbie Glam N Groom Pets Barbie , christi , teresa Get this doll Here¬†   Teresa’s long deep auburn hair matches that of her lovely Irish Setter Ruby. Ruby has movable legs and rooted, long, loose (doll) hair. Ruby sits and can even shake ‘hands’ with you. Teresa wears a 2 piece eyelash knit dress