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The Heart Family-1990

The Heart Family-1990 1990 was the year of Disneyland with Dad and son, Mom and Daughter and Family giftsets available in both caucasian and AA sets. Additionally there were single of the li’l Kids on Parade, each child with a vehicle for the Disneyland Parade that would also fit on the Dumbo swinging ride. 


TROPICAL BARBIE (1985)   A set of 1985 Tropical Barbie, Ken, Miko, and Skipper Dolls. Each of the dolls are dress in coordinating swimsuits, with yellow bows for Barbie Skipper and Miko. Ken, meanwhile, displays a yellow l… TROPICAL BARBIE (1985)    

Barbie Country Western Star barbie (1994)

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(1991) Mattel Snap N Play Barbie Doll

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Maiko Barbie Doll Mutya Barbie Doll

Maiko Barbie Doll Mutya Barbie Doll   Mattel Description: She wears a long gown under a sheer overdress printed with a tribal motif and a sun icon from the Philippine flag. Further embellished with an embroidered floral design of the Philippines’ national flower, the sampaguita, the overdress is a lovely tribute. Accessories include golden-tone earrings, necklace …

Hello Kitty Barbie My Melody Barbie

Hello Kitty Barbie My Melody Barbie   Adorable and sweet, My Melody lives in the wonderful world of Sanrio, where fashion and fun go hand-in-hand. For fans of this lovely little bunny, it’s important to be stylish and cute for every occasion! Polka dots and hearts are perfect partners to these stylin’ girls — because

Generations Of Dreams Barbie Doll

Generations Of Dreams Barbie Doll   50 years of trends and fashion, couture and dreams for the girl in all of us, and for the woman we grow up to be! Barbie doll remains always stylish, always evolving, always reflecting the beauty that is within every one of us, radiating for all to see! Generations