Teresa Doll


Teresa video game hero
She is Latin
American Teresa is the mellow, live-and-let-live type. Sarcasm is lost on this
boho-chic gal, who subscribes to as many conspiracy theories as she does gossip
magazines. What she says is what she means… for better or for worse. Teresa supposedly
from Spain.
But she still have soft Latin American accent wish she had more history like
where is her parents if she has sisters or brothers Barbie friends family collection
would be awesome totally cool come on do a Barbie friends family line when I fine
out more I will post but I really think this is it for Teresa would be nice if
she had a lastname  
She lives in Casa de Teresa
Likes baking
Believe in good
Loves vintage
clothing stores
Teresa loves pillow
Teresa can play


Teresa reveals
that she loves spelunking, clog dancing

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