Midge and Alan (1991) wedding day set 

Midge and Alan (1991) wedding day set 

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its finally here the moment midge and Alan have dreamed of … and they need help to make their wedding the most romantic ever when all the members of the wedding party are in their places, let the excitement begin hum the wedding march as you walk midge down the aisle for the wedding ceremony imagine the sound of wedding bells ringing as the happy couple kiss now its time for congratulations and fun at the reception party!

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Midge came back in the late 80’s, first being California Dream Midge, but her appearances continued to be spotty, next being seen marrying Allan in the 1991 Wedding Day set, only to disappear again (aside from 35th anniversary Midge from 1997) until the Happy Family series, which was quick to retire after absurd accusations of it promoting teen pregnancy. Midge finally came back, permanently, in 2013, though no longer married with children, as they and Allan no longer exist.

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