Happy Family Barbie Baby Doctor

Happy Family Barbie Baby Doctor

Barbie comes with two adorable baby patients with blankets and little caps. She also comes with a bottle, thermometer, clipboard, bear bottle, baby bottle, baby powder, medicine bottle, tongue depressor, pen, stethoscope, ear scope, eye checker plus more

Having a child is such an exciting time in a couple’s life. I remember when Alan and midge first found out they were having a baby. They were so thrilled and now midge is just a few weeks away from the big day! They don’t know if they are having a boy or a girl Alan is sure it’s a girl and midge is sure it’s a boy! I guess will just have to wait til it’s born to find out! There going to make such wonderful parents and its going to be special treat for me to baby there baby doctor we have already scheduled the baby first check up but I told midge I am going to visit her in the hospital to get a seek peek Congratulations you too I cant wait to see you’re baby

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