1986 Jewel Secrets Barbie

Jewel Secrets Barbie

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Paris Washington d.c
Barbie is invited to three glamour’s parties in one night
in three different cites read about her exciting magical adventure in the story
book inside 

The back of the box showed off the other doll releases. There was a Jewel Secrets Ken. I totally love that silver tux with holographic cummerbund and tie. Oh my goodness, what I wouldn’t give to be at a dance and see a guy walk in wearing that. You just don’t see men sporting silver tuxes these days. There was also a Skipper and Whitney doll to collect as well. Whitney was Barbie’s friend and had a more subdued dress. The storyline for this set was that Barbie was invited to three different parties in one night. How she will travel to London, Paris, and Washington D.C. in one night to attend three different parties is beyond me, but she had an outfit that could be changed up just enough so that she’d be wearing something new to every party.

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